Promotional brochures are one of the most important marketing tools that businesses use to convey their value to customers. From a simple single sided flyer to trifolds, all the way to the impactful iron cross fold, Printbranch is the best printer for brochures and flyers that make your business stand apart. Our experts have over 200 years of combined experience in all aspects of print and they are ready to share that knowledge to help your business achieve your own brand of success.

A brochure with the right touch from a custom finish will tell customers the value of your brand even before they read a single word. The look, the feel or the interaction with an interesting fold makes you memorable.

  • The Look can be a striking metallic foil, Spot UV coating, a strongly branded Pantone color, or a die cut window.
  • The Feel of a soft touch coating or a delicate emboss conveys a subtle, ingrained message of quality.
  • The Interaction of unfolding an interesting piece gives you control of how your story is told to the customer, one step at a time.

Brochure Foil Stamping

Foil applied to your print using heat and pressure can be shiny and metallic, or bright white and matte. We have holographic foil, scratch-off foil, colored and clear. We can help you imagine a way to make your logo, text or design elements pop right off the page. Learn more about foil stamping on brochures.

Embossing on Brochures

Brochures can be embossed or debossed to make logos, text or images have a tactile feel to them. This can be used to great effect, making the brochure three dimensional engagement giving the customer something to touch and feel, increasing engagement. A 2011 study by researchers with the University of Southern California found that people are more likely to remember things they see when they also touch them.

Die Cut Brochures

Die cutting allows you to add unique cutouts or edge shapes to your brochures. You could die cut text so the image on the panel behind the text peeks through or make your brochure into a unique shape. We can help you implement custom die cuts so your brochures capture attention and stick in your customer’s mind.

Special Brochure Folds

Folded brochures are the simplest and most cost-effective way to control the way that customers see your message. Each panel of the fold is like a storyboard or a movie scene. As the paper unfolds, the customer sees and reads your branding just as you hope they will. Many of our folds can be done for as little as a penny a piece. The classic trifold brochure is the most popular because of the ease of mailing, but bifold, accordion (pictured) and even more elaborate folds can be used in a variety of creative ways. Learn more about brochure folds.

Self-Mailing Brochures

Brochures that meet USPS guidelines can be sent to customers and prospects as Self-Mailers so you don’t need the work and cost of stuffing them into envelopes. We print the address right onto the brochure using Variable Data Printing (VDP). We can help you design a mailer that looks great, gets through the USPS intact and stands out in the mailbox Our Print Consultants can also help you determine the right size and postage to help you stay within your budget.

Custom Brochure Sizes

Normal sizes work for normal occasions. But when you need to be different, when you are trying to stand out and get noticed, normal doesn’t work. We can produce a wide range of brochure sizes, far beyond normal. Learn about unique brochure sizes.

Custom Inks

Sometimes a more subtle effect does more that a flashy one. Using Pantone, metallic or scented inks can add classy creativity to your brochure, helping it get noticed and remembered. Add spot UV coating to accent the design elements you want to stand out, differentiating your company and product for enhanced brand recognition at a lower cost than foil stamping. Learn more about using custom inks on brochures.

Special Brochure Coatings

Brochures are meant to be held, touched and oohed and ahhed over. You can engage the tactile senses with special coatings like Soft Touch®. Coatings can also change the function, not just the form, of the brochure. With an uncoated paper or matte finish your brochure can be written on. A glossy coating makes images pop off of the page and helps it withstand smudges and dirt. Take a look at the specialty coatings for brochures.

Layouts and Folds

Once you have a purpose in mind, the next thing to consider is how the brochure will be folded. A tri-fold brochure is the most common, by far, but you can go much further. Here are some examples.

  • Tri Fold
  • Half Fold
  • Iron Cross
  • Gatefold (Open or Closed)
  • Stair Step
  • Accordion
  • Z Fold
  • Barrel Roll
  • Double Parallel
  • Snake Fold

Design can be tricky. Let our team of experts make sure your brochure’s design is eye-catching and attention grabbing using custom printing and finishing options. Our highly qualified graphic designers will work one-on-one with you to create custom pieces that show your business off and astound your customers.


Did we mention custom design is wallet friendly? Call 080 2667 0603 now and let us quote your design project.