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Difference between RGB and CMYK

About RGB and CMYK

RGB standing for RED GREEN BLUE and CMYK standing for CYAN MAGENTA YELLOW BLACK these are the colour schemes that are most popularly used for display screen and printing papers images and all sorts of media handles, respectively.


If RGB gamut is considered, then RGB would focus on giving more of brighter shades of colours, and if added enough of it, then it will give you white colour eventually. But here comes the trick of the intensity, as RGB also called as additive colour system/model, it plays around with the intensity of the colours to perceive darker or lighter shades, follow the two points:

  1. With a less or no intensity of the primary colours, it would result in black colour.
  2. With full intensity, it would result in white colour.

                              The colour scheme of RGB 

Uses: RGB gamut is mostly in wide range is used in displays for smartphones, Televisions, monitors, in short for all the display devices or panels.


This colour gamut comes into action when something needs to be print and very much popular in every printing industry. The printers that we use on a daily basis has a CMYK colour cartridge. It is basically three-colour scheme CMY(Cyan Magenta Yellow), but black was added to it perceive darker hues of shades for accurate printing. CMY without black gives approximately dark brown colour, hence black comes into action.

                                       The colour scheme of CMYK

Uses: For all printing purposes such as posters, coloured A4, flyers, invitation cards, etc.

 Difference between an RGB image and a CMYK image: RGB gives lighter shaded images and CMYK gives the deeper shaded images.

Note: Whatever you see on your display devices it follows RGB gamut, but if you need them to be printed on a paper, it firstly has to be converted into CMYK gamut.

This brings us to the next topic,

RGB-CMYK Conversion

As mentioned above, every RGB images have to be converted in CMYK colour scheme firstly to be printed on physical stuff. There are multiple software and various programmes that do the job for converting RGB files to CMYK and ease the job for you. Henceforth, We have various printing consultants just waiting for your projects. If you wish to submit, we would happily do the work for you in time and accurately. 

If you wish to add in your own colour schemes, we will do that for you.

For general purpose knowledge,

Mostly, all the software that we use primarily set in RGB configuration, if your purpose is to create a webpage or website, you can keep up working with the primary configuration but if your purpose is to make something that would later be printed on the paper so that you can change the configuration to CMYK. Every software for this purpose gives you the option to do so.