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Folding Cartons Services in Thane, Printbranch offers printing services on a diverse range of folding cartons for all kinds of industries and a wide range of products, sizes and shapes. With printing that is a marketing campaign in itself with cost effective quality boards that protect the product, we offer folding cartons tailored to your product.

Every product you buy comes packed in a box. Flexible Packaging, From tooth paste, medicine, hair dryer to laptops. From small to big, wide to tall, every product comes packed in a secure, appealing box.

If the printing on the folding cartons is not to the mark then the customer will never buy them. The text, Folding Cartons Services in Thane, the images and other details have to be perfectly visible. Our printing solutions specialize in printing even the minutest detailing on the cartons.

Folding Cartons Services in Thane

We also offer a variety of styles and printing processes that can make your packaging look extraordinary. Folding Cartons Services in Thane, From metpet to foil stamping or different types of glosses, there are a variety of factors you’ll want to consider when choosing the right type of packaging material and design for your specific needs.

Printing with perfect edges and curves on the carton is very important to give a uniform and continuous look and feel of the box and ultimately of the product, Folding Cartons Services in Thane as customers first inspect the box and not at the product inside.

Printing is our passion and we strive to create printed designs that are the perfect match for your product. folding carton Let us help you find the right package, the perfect printing solution at Printbranch.

From cosmetics, electrical appliances to food and beverages, we have packaging solutions for diverse industries.

Luxury Products

Premium packaging for luxury products like watches, perfumes, wallets, corporate gifts, clothing, jewellery, luxury cosmetics etc.


Cartons big or small for wide range of electronic products. From lighting, electronic items, plumbing, wooden furniture to lamps, mobile phones etc.


Transparent displays to full cartons we provide enticing package to the never ending collection of toys. Our printers print out the perfect colors that look real.

Food & Beverages

Cakes, pastries, cookies, fast food, chocolates to everything in between, we can print on each and every kind of product. 

Home Appliances

Sell utensils, vessels, kitchenware, cutlery and all other kinds of home and kitchen appliances in folding cartons.

Medicine & Pharma

Store all kinds of medical and pharmaceutical products in fording cartons like tablets, tonics, syrups, powders etc. 

Personal Care

Sell more with high quality folding cartons specially printed for personal care products like cosmetics, beauty and bath products.

Hotel & Hospitality

Provide room amenities to guests like brush, soap, comb, needle kits etc. in folding cartons printed with the branding of your hotel or stay.

Clothing & Jewellery

Perfect for packing jeans, shirts, innerwear, pashminas, stoles, jewellery boxes etc. in folding cartons to give that rich and protective storage.

Corporate Gifts

Employees love gifts and wait for the next batch of gifts to come in. Every gift is unique and requires custom packaging and printing solution with the company name.

One package. Unlimited possibilities.

Cannot decide which type of folding carton would be perfect for you product or which type of printing solution to go for? no problem! Printbranch is here to help.


Our factory is equipped to deliver orders within time. With latest machinery and skilled specialists, your priority is our priority.


Printbranch provides competitive rates so you don't have to worry about changing your product's cost. We want you to succeed.


We offer a very simple printing process. Call us or chat with our sales specialists and get moving with everything. No huff! No puff!


Printbranch is trusted by some of the biggest companies and brands in India. We have never let them down. We will not let you down.

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Be it any type of printing on any type of package, we do it all. Get a quote and guidance on your requirement completely free of cost.

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Folding Cartons Solution

Be it any type of printing on any type of package, we do it all. Get a quote and guidance on your requirement completely free of cost.

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Sit back and relax as we work our magic and deliver it to you where ever you are in India. We are known for our FAST delivery system so you don't lose a single day of sale.

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Large brands trust us

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